Freedom Parade – Dance for your Life (English) (Director’s cut)

-> German Version

Provocative, funny and exciting documentary about the „punks of the Corona resistance“. Captain Future and the Freedom Parade, the „unruly party animals“ from Berlin (Spiegel TV), gave courage to many people in the „plandemic“ with their videos and actions since April 2020. No matter how often they were taken away by the police – they remained cheeky, cheerful and always peaceful. Entertaining and crazy self-portrait of an unusual troop, which along the way also saved numerous people from the injections.

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This is a non-commercial, artful documentation of our contemporary history.
Similarities with living persons are not coincidental.

Your distribution and reproduction is welcome.

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full movie (hi quality, 14 GB version) (medium quality, 5 GB version)

trailer (hi quality) (medium quality)

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